Waxing, Marie Monet's European Skin Care Med Spa

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Waxing, Marie Monet's European Skin Care Med Spa


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Waxing services currently offered


Face without Brows


Full face is waxed including chin, sideburns, cheeks, lip

Face with Brow


Full face is waxed including chin, sideburns, cheeks, lip, brows

Brow Design


Consult, wax, trim, tweeze & powder fill-in if needed

Brow Clean up















Full arm wax from shoulders to top of hands and fingers

Arms – lower


Both lower arms are waxed, including elbow and top of hands and fingers

Arms – upper


Both upper arms are waxed above the elbow



Full back wax that includes the cap of your shoulders

Back – lower patch


Chest & Stomach


The pectoral area and stomach are waxed, includes front of the shoulders and area below the belly button to the underwear line



Full Legs


Both legs are fully waxed including the feet and toes

Leg – lower


Lower legs are waxed including the knees

Legs – upper


Upper legs are waxed including the knees

Nape of Neck


A cleanup of your hairline

Tummy Trail




We refuse the right to refuse service to all customers. See NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION below

An educated client is a happy client.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask something, this is our obsession and we want you to love and understand waxing as much as we do. There is so much that goes into a successful service, and we want to educate you as a part of our family so we can all enjoy the waxing lifestyle together!

Waxing FAQ’s

How long do I have to wait before my first wax?

To get the best waxing results, we need your hair to be at least one-fourth of an inch long. This is an average of 2 weeks of growth. Yes, it seems like a long time to grow, but it’s worth the waxing results​

I got my eyebrows waxed once and some skin came off, why is that?

There can be several reasons for this. If you are using skin care products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) of any kind, these can cause the skin to lift while waxing. Another cause is aggressive exfoliation such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Prescription medication such as antibiotics, accutane, retin-a, renova, strivectin, proactive and avage can cause thinning of the skin which results in lifting during waxing. My recommendation is that if you are unsure about what you are using, just ask. But it is still difficult to predict how every skin type will react no matter how many precautions are taken.  Please inform your technician if you are using any of these products.  Also, it would be recommended to stop use prior to service for best results.

What is the difference between getting waxed at MONET’S European Skin Care Med Spa & Boutique or just going to the Nail Salon, or another waxing salons?

There are MANY reasons that a person should avoid getting waxed at a nail salon, but simply ask yourself a few questions about your waxing experience there:

Why come to OC Waxing vs. other salons?

  • Skin is most important aspect of the body. You and your skin are best friends for life so why not treat it right? Our estheticians are licensed professionals that have studied skincare and hair removal with many years of experience. We use top-grade hypoallergenic waxes designed for sensitive skin and we use extremely sanitary protocols for every service.
  • Did they ask you to for any information about your skin or any products you are using that might contraindicate waxing procedures?
  • Do they double dip their sticks into a wax pot (if they use a wax pot)? 
  • Do you know that “waxing” falls under SKIN CARE and not NAIL CARE? Getting waxed at a nail salon is a poor way of taking care of your skin. It may be less expensive, but keep in mind your skin and your health are with you for the rest of your life. Treat it with the utmost respect and safety.
Is there anything I should do to prepare for waxing and to be comfortable?

Yes! There are a few options. We always recommend ibuprofen at least 20 minutes before your waxing service, as long as this does not contradict what your doctor has told you. If you are a female client, schedule your waxing service the first 2 weeks after your cycle. Your sensitivity level is a lot less during this time. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can stimulate, making you more sensitive and increase redness after waxing. Pregnancy also increases sensitivity.

How long will my skin stay red?

It depends on the person and the skin type. For most people the redness is mostly gone after 30 minutes to an hour. Avoid perfumes, scrubs and other irritants the day of your service. For brides or if you are going to a special occasion, I recommend waxing a month before to see how your skin reacts. If everything is fine, schedule another wax a day or two before your event.

How long does the hair have to be in order to wax?

Hair should be about ¼ inch long for all bikini and body services. A good way to test this is to see if your hair covers at least half of your pinky fingernail or the length of a grain of rice.

How long will it take for my hair to grow back?

Clients typically schedule appointments on a 3-4 week basis for all body waxing services.  All hair types are different, but as you wax, each time your hair tends to get thinner, lighter and much more soft.

Should I trim my hair before coming in?

It is best to leave the hair as long as possible before waxing. The longer the hair, the easier it will be for the wax to grab on to it. Sometimes trimming causes the hair to be too short, leave it to us!

Can you wax ‘mature’ skin?

Yes.  However, we are unable to wax if clients are on certain medications or anti-wrinkle/anti-aging creams. These creams contain ingredients that make your skin “lift” which almost looks like a little burn mark. Ingredients in these products are retinol, alpha hydroxyl acids, tretinoin, bleaching agents like hydroquinone.

“I’m worried about the pain, what can I do to reduce it?”

Taking anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or Tylenol approximately 45 minutes prior to your appointment will help ease the discomfort.  But don’t be worried, the wax we use is a hypoallergenic wax created for sensitive skin. We promise you will be just fine, you’re getting waxed by the best. Clients most common comment after waxing is “OH WOW THAT WASN’T BAD AT ALL!”

“I’m not exactly sure what service I am looking to have done…”

If you are unsure of what service you would like to have done, give us a ring so we can help you out! If you can grow it, we can wax it!

Do a lot of males come in for waxing?

Yes of course!  About 20% of our clientele are men. We offer most waxing services for men, which is addressed on the menu.

What should I do in between appointments?

Exfoliate! To ensure your next wax is smoother and prevent ingrown hairs, we suggest exfoliating every day in the shower. By doing this, dead skin and oils are removed from the surface of the skin so the hair is able to grow back evenly with minimal irritation.

Should I tweeze or shave in between waxes?

If your waxing appointments do not coordinate with your monthly schedule, tweezing is a quick fix. We strongly advise our clients not to shave in between visits because shaving disrupts the hair growth and will make your next wax more uncomfortable. But let’s stay away from the razor!

Scheduling Policies:

We require 24 hours notice for canceling appointments, 48 hours on weekends for a Monday appointment. We ask this so we may open up your time-slot to another client.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours may result in a charge of 50% of the scheduled appointment.

No-show appointments will be charged 100% of the total services booked. Your scheduled appointment is booked for you and only you!

When scheduling your first appointment, we require a credit card number to hold your appointment. We do not charge it or keep it on file, this is only for the purpose of our no-show/ last minute cancellation policies stated above. The number is also entered into an encrypted location in our software.


Please confirm your appointment to avoid confusion, and we’ve made it SUPER easy to do so! Each client receives a confirmation email 48 hour before their scheduled visit. You may also sign up for text to make it even easier!  Any appointments not confirmed are subject to cancellation.

Scheduling Considerations:

We are very busy at MONET’S and we really want to get you the appointment times you need. Booking ahead can guarantee you get waxed when you need to be!  We also request that you are punctual as to not interfere with your appointment or our next client, as we want to give you the best service possible and that you deserve.  As well as the individual that follows you.

We ask that our female clients take their menstrual cycle into consideration before booking their bikini waxing appointments. We ask this because MONET’S will wax all female clients who are on their period, therefore we do not consider this a reason for last minute cancellations. If you do not want to get waxed on your period, please consider your cycle and schedule accordingly. Don’t forget your tampon!

Late appointments:

We will do our absolute best to accommodate our clients if they are late. Please keep in mind that we book appointments in 15-30 minute increments, therefore we sometimes cannot accommodate our clients that are over 5 minutes late. We understand things happen like traffic, kids, jobs and life, but please allow ample time to make your appointment time. Information of location, etc. is located in our FAQ section.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for all services. Gift Certificates may be used for skincare packages, clothing in our boutique, etc. Please note:  All sales are final.

Pre-Wax Information


Take it at least 20 minutes beforehand may help dull your pain receptors (as long as it’s not contraindicated by your doctor).


The day of your waxing, limit your caffeine intake as it can stimulate the nervous system which can make you more sensitive and red.


For body waxing treatments, please allow about 2 weeks of growth before your visit. Everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, but 2 weeks is a good rule-of-thumb. The longer the growth (within reason) will mean less tweezing and a cleaner wax. Your hair must be at least half the length of your pinky nail (go ahead… check your pinky!)


If you do not wax or shave your hair at all, please do not trim. If trimming is needed we will do it for you.


Do not apply self tanner, moisturizer, or any abrasive body or facial scrubs.


Do not go sit in the sun or go to the tanning booth prior to your service. 

Avoid getting spray tanned before any waxing procedure. Wax tends to lift the color off your skin leaving it patchy-looking.


Discontinuing any product that exfoliates or dries the skin for at least 1 week prevents tears, scabbing or burning. Examples are: Accutane, Differin, Retin A/Retinol, Glycolic acid/AHA’s, ProActive, Avita, Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid/ BHA’s

These are only some of the products that we are aware of that may cause problems. New ones come out every day! If you have any doubt, don’t use it or don’t wax. However, if you still desire to use your skin products that are not conducive to waxing, we may use an extremely hypoallergenic hard wax that is great for sensitive and chemically treated skin. When you call for your appointment, please let us know!

Post-Wax Information

Facial Waxing

please make sure you do not touch the area waxed for 24 hours. Bacteria on your fingers will get into your delicate open pores and cause pimples. If you do touch your waxed skin, just rinse it off with cold water or apply toner if you have some. Or MONET’S has a recovery gel that works beautifully in calming and hydrating the skin.

Body Waxing

start exfoliating as soon as it is comfortable to do so or when tenderness subsides. This is the most important thing you can do and you may exfoliate your skin one of two ways: chemically or manually.

Chemically: you may purchase a product that contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid or isopropyl alcohol. “TendSkin” or “PFB Vanish” are great products and can be found at beauty supply stores. These will discourage ingrown hairs if used consistently as directed.

Manually: you may simply use a warm, damp washcloth or exfoliating gloves. The gloves are recommended because they can be washed, dried & sanitized. Loofahs can harbor bacteria or mold, and are not sufficient exfoliators. If you choose a washcloth, just dampen your cloth with warm water and scrub the area that is waxed the opposite way of the hair growth(hair usually grows down, so scrub in an upward motion). This will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, bumps, pimples and rough-feeling skin.

If you have been waxed for the first time, a few bumps and/or pimples are common. If you broke out everywhere there can be a few reasons for this, but the most common is that your hair follicles have been irritated by sweat and/or bacteria. Your follicles are not used to having the hair pulled out so they are easy to irritate. Sweat, which contains urea and salt, is considered irritating to your hair follicles, so it is easy for your follicles to be extra sensitive to any type of sweat or bacteria the first time around. Your second and third waxings should be less irritating.

If bumps or pimples have appeared, aquafor, tea tree oil, are topical agents that can help clear these up in a few days. You also may just take a dry wash cloth and scrub the pimples or bumps and leave them to dry out, no lotion is needed.

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